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Markéta and Serge

Wedding theme: : Chateau Romance
Place of ceremony: Chateau Havel

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Dear coordinators,

our wedding was the most incredible day of our lives. I've always dreamed of having a " original Wedding " . It was an honor to have such an amazing team. Veronika Javornicka is so unbelievably talented and because of her, our dream wedding became reality. Not only is she a professional wedding planner, but along the way she became a true friend. She is so gifted, and without a doubt, she will be our planner indefinitely. There are no words to thank her enough for all the time and effort she put into our very special day. Her Ideas we're so above and beyond what I imagined. When I described my designs to her, she put them to life. The energy and motivation Veronika has most definitely reflects on each individual client. I can now fully understand why this company is called Magical Wedding ...

Love, Markéta

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